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Public relations advice. Last additions. 12 companies found.

Enterprise Plc


Interests cover regional venture capital funds covering England and Wales, investing amounts of between £10,000 and £150,000 in well managed growth businesses.††

Oakes Bacot Ltd


Specialists in food and drink, entertainment, telecommunications and trade associations.

The Massey Partnership Ltd


Specialises in luxury hotels, travel, leisure and lifestyle products. Includes profile and press office.

Dryden Brown Ltd


Promotional campaigns for international companies intergrating traditional and new media solutions into successful campaigns.

Focus PR Ltd


Specializing in public relations for wines and other beverages.

Focus PR Ltd


Specializing in public relations for wines and other beverages.

Clientact Public Relations Ltd


A Company that works with management and staff to build the strengths of an organisation; offering consultancy services in Strategic Planning, Image awareness and personal development training.

Haslimann Taylor Ltd

Sutton Coldfield

Public relations for property and buildings, consumer and leisure products, industry and technology and more. Part of The Shandwick Group.

Connexions PR & Marketing Ltd


Our award-winning agency is fully immersed in top-flight communications but first, it's all about making the right connection, and we can't spell sccess without u.

Tangerine PR


Tangerine PR is a full service PR agency.

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