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Hard drives fail for a variety of reasons but chiefly among them are physical problems that can happen without warning and leave you, the user, without any ability to store information and also with a potentially fatal loss of information.

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Why continuous endpoint data monitoring may curb Data Loss

It is not a secret that business owners lose data because of employees accidently erase data. However, this lone reason is not the only reason why companies lose data. Malicious firmware, ransom software, blackouts, brownouts, power surges, and hacking can all be cause for companies to need external hard drive data recovery or Raid data recovery from trained data recovery specialists. Sometimes, UK companies may not suffer data loss for the reasons people think. One insurance company grew and expanded, building their infrastructure over several centres and had problems because of recent acquisitions.

Why might continuous endpoint data monitoring be one point of a data disaster recovery plan that companies do not want to skip? It may cost more when hiring data recovery specialists perform external hard drive data recovery or Raid data recovery than it would to simply add continuous off-site remote monitoring of data. By having remote access, company officials can easily retrieve data and be ready for any data losses, including brownouts and power surges.

Accessing the risks may be problematic for UK businesses and lead to Delays

UK companies may struggle with external hard drive data recovery because it is hard to predict the probability that data recovery specialists will be needed in certain natural disasters. Many specialists may struggle with predicting when a company is going to have a large percentage of data loss from brownouts or power surges. However, four categories may help company officials narrow the error margin for data loss. Company heads must assess the possibility of a high risk of data loss and need for Raid data recovery, at low risk for data loss, a risk, but the need for maintenance is low, and data disaster planning.

Though not a foolproof plan, it may save UK companies from having higher data losses if the mean time to repair is tracked, as well as continuously monitoring a Raid system for any failure. The faster a UK company can repair a Raid system or a hard drive failure, the less the amount of downtime a UK business will be out and unable to sell their product or services. According to, unplanned downtime is costing UK companies £2 billion a year in revenue. More than 1,808 organisations reported some downtime figures that were avoidable, roughly 14 hours a year. With an average of 27 hours of avoidable downtime wasted in Europe annually, this means Britain remains the worst offender of avoidable delays.

Disaster relief plans lower downtime Costs

How can British companies, especially lower avoidable delays and improve downtime efficiencies overall? UK companies may need to cherry pick their disaster recovery plans to find the best solutions so they can tailor a solution to their individual business. By regularly re-evaluating their external hard drive data recovery and Raid data recovery plans, company professionals can find the best data loss disaster plan and lower chances of suffering a data loss because of an unforeseen event. Why pay more to data recovery specialists, when it is cheaper to fix the problem in-house?

At Advanced Data Recovery London, we can help you in case your Raid system fails, or your desktop computer or laptop suffers logical data errors. Whether your data loss is because electrical outages or because of physical hardware problems, experts can help. Let us recover your data before you attempt your own data recovery.