List of companies

Woodbourne Service Station

Woodbourne Avenue, BN1 8AG, Brighton

Tel: 01273500990
Fax: 01273555694

London Road, BN45 7ED, Brighton

Tel: 01273857555
Fax: 01273857556

100-106 Old Shoreham Road, BN41 1TA, Brighton

Tel: 01273276666
Fax: 01273274527

138-166 Trafalgar Road, BN41 1GS, Brighton

Tel: 01273278888
Tates Bros Ltd

100-106 Old Shoreham Road, BN41 1TA, Brighton

Tel: 01273 275555
Fax: 01273 274500
Rivervale Of Brighton Ltd

VICTORIA RD, BN41 1YJ, Brighton

Tel: 01273702020
Fax: 01273707172

Victoria Road, BN41 1YJ, Brighton

Tel: 01273700911
Fax: 01273708030
County Cars Of Sussex

2 North Street, BN41 1DG, Brighton

Tel: 01273422511
Fax: 01273422511
Caffyns Plc

227-233 Preston Road, BN1 6SX, Brighton

Tel: 01273553021
Fax: 01273565304
Caffyns Plc

200 Dyke Road, BN1 5AT, Brighton

Tel: 01273553061
Fax: 01273551001
Ambassador Cars

57 Exeter Street, BN1 5PH, Brighton

Tel: 01273504417
Birchwood Nissan

Stevenson Road, BN2 2BZ, Brighton

Tel: 01273240000
Fax: 01273242420
Brighton Mitsubishi

161 Old Shoreham Road, BN42 4RB, Brighton

Tel: 01273388808
Fax: 01273388818
Tate Bros Ltd

138-166 Trafalgar Road, BN41 1GS, Brighton

Tel: 01273274488
Fax: 01273274500
Tate Bros Ltd

Crowhurst Road, BN1 8AF, Brighton

Tel: 01273274433
Fax: 01273274515
Evans Halshaw

9-17 Old Shoreham Road, BN41 1RX, Brighton

Tel: 01273422552
Fax: 01273423169
K & K Cars

37-39 Albion Street, BN42 4DN, Brighton

Tel: 01273596810
Fax: 01273596757
Kingsbury Car Sales

83 Preston Road, BN1 4QG, Brighton

Tel: 01273606068
Lexus Brighton

St. Andrews Road, BN41 1DE, Brighton

Tel: 01273411333
Fax: 01273426146
B & H Cars

Cheapside, BN1 4GD, Brighton

Tel: 01273608242
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