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Claires Accessories UK Ltd

Unit 24, BN1 2TD, Brighton

Tel: 01273202400
Claire's Accessories

6 Brighton Square, BN1 1HD, Brighton

Tel: 01273326505
Cornelia James Ltd

123 Havelock Road, BN1 6GS, Brighton

Tel: 01273508866
Fax: 01273541656
Sunglass Hut International

25 East Street, BN1 1HL, Brighton

Tel: 01273739599

4 Kensington Gardens, BN1 4AL, Brighton

Tel: 01273601494
Fax: 01273679114
Girl Heaven

Unit 42, BN1 2TD, Brighton

Tel: 01273737376
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Accessorize Plc

Unit 16, BN1 2TB, Brighton

Tel: 01273823943
Fax: 01273823943
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