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Tel: 01273277110
Spartacus Educational

139 Carden Avenue, BN1 8NH, Brighton

Tel: 01273561464
D Hill

1 Cumberland Road, BN1 6SL, Brighton

Tel: 01273270943
Fax: 01273881335
Headstar Ltd

68 Middle Street, BN1 1AL, Brighton

Tel: 01273267173
Fax: 01273232179
Illustra Ltd

Science Pk Square, BN1 9SB, Brighton

Tel: 01273234650
Fax: 01273704499
Cognitive Applications Ltd

21-33 Dyke Road, BN1 3FE, Brighton

Tel: 01273821600
Fax: 01273728866
The Vertikal Press Ltd

New England House, BN1 4GH, Brighton

Tel: 01273884422
Fax: 01273884477
Salariya Book Co Ltd

25 Marlborough Place, BN1 1UB, Brighton

Tel: 01273603306
Fax: 01273693857
Epic Group Plc

52 Old Steine, BN1 1NH, Brighton

Tel: 01273728686
Fax: 01273821567
Desktop Display Ltd

6 Hollingbury Road, BN1 7JA, Brighton

Tel: 01273541286
Fax: 01273509514
Communicopia Productions Ltd

Maritime House, BN41 1WR, Brighton

Tel: 01273384900
Fax: 01273384904
Broadcast Publishing Ltd

127 Gloucester Road, BN1 4AF, Brighton

Tel: 01273206222
Fax: 01273601973
Overseas Jobs Express

20 New Road, BN1 1UF, Brighton

Tel: 01273699611
Fax: 01273669778
Yuriko Ltd

1 Union Street, BN1 1HA, Brighton

Tel: 01273704600
Fax: 01273704601
TV Media Publishing

7-8 North St Quadrant, BN1 3FA, Brighton

Tel: 01273777128
Fax: 01273778524
Wired Sussex

23 Old Steine, BN1 1EL, Brighton

Tel: 01273666830
Fax: 01273666832
Worth Media

15-17 Middle Street, BN1 1AL, Brighton

Tel: 01273201152
Fax: 01273710004
Pagoda Publishing

114a Rodmell Avenue, BN2 8PJ, Brighton

Tel: 01273390351
Fax: 01273390351
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Pavilion Publishing Brighton Ltd

Ironworks, BN1 4GD, Brighton

Tel: 01273623222
Fax: 01273625526
Myriad Editions Ltd

6-7 Old Steine, BN1 1EJ, Brighton

Tel: 01273606700
Fax: 01273606708
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