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Tel: 01273737657
School Of Languages

Park Street, BN1 9PH, Brighton

Tel: 01273643337
Fax: 01273690710
Saltdean Language Centre

140 Saltdean Vale, BN2 8HF, Brighton

Tel: 01273300714
Fax: 01273309656
Hove Summer Camp

PO Box 2831, BN1 6ES, Brighton

Tel: 01273556305
Fax: 01273555752
St Giles College

3 Marlborough Place, BN1 1UB, Brighton

Tel: 01273682747
Fax: 01273689808
Japanese Web Pages

51-52 Marine Parade, BN2 1PH, Brighton

Tel: 01273672955
House Of English

24 Portland Place, BN2 1DG, Brighton

Tel: 01273679308
Fax: 01273674775
Capicua Translations

22 Vernon Ter, BN1 3JH, Brighton

Tel: 01273727665
Bedford School Of English

16 Bedford Place, BN1 2PT, Brighton

Tel: 01273775089
Fax: 01273207887
Anglo Japan Services Ltd

19 Marlborough Place, BN1 1UB, Brighton

Tel: 01273601460
Fax: 01273620422
Berlitz Language Centre

20 Queens Road, BN1 3XA, Brighton

Tel: 01273322700
Fax: 01273322701
Brighton Language School

16 Tichborne Street, BN1 1TT, Brighton

Tel: 01273772777
Catia Pinca-Smith

10 Gableson Avenue, BN1 5FG, Brighton

Tel: 01273541174
EF International School Of English

1-2 Sussex Square, BN2 1FJ, Brighton

Tel: 01273571780
Fax: 01273691232
Olivet English Language School

50-52 Norfolk Square, BN1 2PA, Brighton

Tel: 01273325839
Fax: 01273325839

20 North Street, BN1 1EB, Brighton

Tel: 01273324545
Fax: 01273746013
Languages Plus Sprachcaffe

135 Kings Road, BN1 2HX, Brighton

Tel: 01273737657
Fax: 01273776982
Lexicon Linguistics

2 Hampstead Road, BN1 5NG, Brighton

Tel: 01273541857
Fax: 01273541858
MB Language Services

Maritime House, BN41 1WR, Brighton

Tel: 01273704870
Fax: 01273704871
Intensive School Of English

Dukes Passage, BN1 1BS, Brighton

Tel: 01273384800
Fax: 01273236872
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