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Housing Advice Centre IOW

Exchange House, PO30 5BZ, Newport

Tel: 01983524715
Fax: 01983522606
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Hilda C Sanz De Deas

8 Lugley Street, PO30 5HD, Newport

Tel: 01983522477
Isle Of Wight Youth Trust

1 St Johns Place, PO30 1LH, Newport

Tel: 01983529569
Fax: 01983537175
Cruse Bereavement Care

34 Carisbrooke Road, PO30 1BW, Newport

Tel: 01983523030
Cruse Bereavement Care

131 Stow Hill, NP20 4DW, Newport

Tel: 01633238162
Community Health Council

Exchange House, PO30 5BZ, Newport

Tel: 01983525095
Fax: 01983520063

102 Carisbrooke Road, PO30 1DB, Newport

Tel: 01983526654
Citizens Advice Bureau

8 Corn Street, NP20 1DJ, Newport

Tel: 01633265688
Citizens Advice Bureau

Park Road, NP11 6BJ, Newport

Tel: 01633614731
Centrepoint Clinic

Fairwinds, PO30 2NJ, Newport

Tel: 01983525577
Catherine Fox

42 Carisbrooke Road, PO30 1BW, Newport

Tel: 01983533838
Bridge Christian Counselling Centre

Hill Street, NP20 1LZ, Newport

Tel: 01633258729
Best Of Friends Ltd

1 Lower Bar, TF10 7BE, Newport

Tel: 01952814313
Fax: 01952825715
Citizens Advice Bureau

Exchange House, PO30 5BZ, Newport

Tel: 08450505168
Fax: 01983520594
Gwent Alcohol Project

1 Palmyra Place, NP20 4EJ, Newport

Tel: 01633252045
Fax: 01633252096
The Samaritans

43 Acres House Stow Hill, NP20 1JH, Newport

Tel: 01633259000
The Samaritans

14 East Street, PO30 1JN, Newport

Tel: 01983521234
Gwent Education Multi Ethnic Support Service

25 Stow Hill, NP20 1JH, Newport

Tel: 01633255473
Fax: 01633841669
Gwent Substance Misuse Service

139 Lower Dock Street, NP20 1EE, Newport

Tel: 01633216777
Fax: 01633223182
Gwent Victim Support Scheme

Cardiff Road, NP20 2EH, Newport

Tel: 01633254091
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