List of companies

Universal Meats UK Ltd

Hall Place, TN15 0LG, Sevenoaks

Tel: 01732760760
Fax: 01732760780
Richmond Lonsdale Ltd

15 Pembroke Road, TN13 1XR, Sevenoaks

Tel: 01732740520
Fax: 01732740503
Towers Thompson

Arctic House, TN14 5HB, Sevenoaks

Tel: 01732455186
Fax: 01732450148
RH Thompson & Co Ltd

2 East Point, TN15 0EG, Sevenoaks

Tel: 01732764114
Fax: 01732763600
Jeffrey Davies & Davies Ltd

17 Rye Lane, TN14 5HW, Sevenoaks

Tel: 01732450948
Fax: 01732452012
Malpass Bros Ltd

Rye Lane, TN14 5HB, Sevenoaks

Tel: 01732453922
Fax: 01732453914
Monarch Food International Ltd

Arctic House, TN14 5HB, Sevenoaks

Tel: 01732742828
Fax: 01732743939
Adam Pork Products Ltd

Unit 16/North Downs Business Park, TN13 2TL, Sevenoaks

Tel: 01732741009
Fax: 01732742476
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