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Tel: 02380777425
Britannia Building Society

5 High Street, SO14 2DH, Southampton

Tel: 02380226097
Fax: 02380334535
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Chelsea Building Society

84 Above Bar Street, SO14 7DT, Southampton

Tel: 02380226904
Fax: 02380226956
Nationwide Building Society

9a Salisbury Road, SO40 3HW, Southampton

Tel: 02380530400
Fax: 02380530406
Nationwide Building Society

178 Portswood Road, SO17 2AE, Southampton

Tel: 02380530500
Fax: 02380530506
Nationwide Building Society

404 Bitterne Road, SO18 1DD, Southampton

Tel: 02380538200
Fax: 02380538206
Nationwide Building Society

120-122 Above Bar Street, SO14 7HG, Southampton

Tel: 02380530100
Fax: 02380530106
Nationwide Building Society

15-17 Shirley High Street, SO15 3TG, Southampton

Tel: 02380530300
Fax: 02380530306
Portman Building Society

41 Commercial Road, SO40 3BX, Southampton

Tel: 02380862427
Fax: 02380667753
Portman Building Society

7 High Street, SO14 2DH, Southampton

Tel: 02380224940
Fax: 02380237865
Portman Building Society

St. Johns Centre, SO30 4QU, Southampton

Tel: 01489785574
Fax: 01489780814
Portman Building Society

219 Portswood Road, SO17 2NF, Southampton

Tel: 02380553917
Fax: 02380558951
Leeds & Holbeck

41 London Road, SO15 2AD, Southampton

Tel: 02380226699
Fax: 02380334554
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