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Clinics & Health Centres Cambridgeshire. These companies have a preferred position in

Clinics & Health Centres Cambridgeshire
Fenland Alcohol Service

20a Deerfield Road, PE15 9AH

Tel: 01354650457
Fax: 01354661266

These companies have a free position in Clinics & Health Centres Cambridgeshire. Cambridgeshire.

Health Centre

Marylebone Road, PE15 8BG

Tel: 01354652611
Four Seasons

Hartford Road, PE29 1XL

Tel: 01480357125
Fax: 01480357127
Spinney Surgery
Health Visitors/The Spinney, PE27 3TP

Tel: 01480356238
Fax: 01480356159
Huntingdonshire Primary Care Trust
The Priory, PE27 5BB

Tel: 01480308222
Fax: 01480308234
North West Anglia Community Health Council

6 Post Office Lane, PE13 1HG

Tel: 01945469830
Fax: 01945469832
Cambridge Health Authority

Kingfisher House/Kingfisher Way, PE29 6FH

Tel: 01480398500
Fax: 01480398501
New Possibilities NHS Trust
2 Station Road, CB4 5QJ

Tel: 01954206140
Fax: 01954206127
The Fenland Community Mental Health Team

36 High Street, PE15 9JR

Tel: 01354661903
Fax: 01354661904
Auckland Road Family Planning Clinic
Auckland Road, CB5 8DW

Tel: 01223533320
Fax: 01223533323
Life Pregnancy Care Centre
22A St. Andrews Street, CB2 3AX

Tel: 01223316300

79a Eastfield Road, PE1 4AS

Tel: 01733347105
Fax: 01733555532

169 London Road, PE2 9DS

Tel: 01733551575
Fax: 01733558331

Medway Centre, PE29 1SF

Tel: 01480456956
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