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These companies have a free position in Companies from CH to TH : Chippendale's - The Trading Post : Lancashire. Lancashire.


91 Highfield Road, FY4 2JE

Tel: 01253408944
Just Nice Things

68-70 Pall Mall, PR7 2LE

Tel: 01257272217
M Long
811 Stockport Road, M19 3BS

Tel: 01612240845
Mike's Furniture
Unit 6 Lyon Works, M34 3LY

Tel: 01613687011
A1 Bargain Centre

115 Milnrow Road, OL16 5DN

Tel: 01706345504
A1 Abacus
702 Burnage Lane, M19 1NA

Tel: 01614429802
Discount Furniture
1253 Ashton Old Road, M11 1DA

Tel: 01613710373
The Trading Post

61 Leigh Road, WN7 1QZ

Tel: 01942604948
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