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Manufacture of formed und cutted metalparts West Midlands. These companies have a preferred position in

Manufacture of formed und cutted metalparts West Midlands
Circuit Coatings Ltd

Old Walsall Road, B42 1EA

Tel: 01213579365
Fax: 01213587524

These companies have a free position in Manufacture of formed und cutted metalparts West Midlands. West Midlands.

Mercia Fabrications Ltd

Dudley Central Trading Estate, DY2 8QX

Tel: 01384456678
Fax: 01384455735
Cooper & Jackson Shearing Ltd

Shaw Road, DY2 8TP

Tel: 01384457994
Fax: 01384240078


Tel: 01384456678
Fax: 01384455735
Peter Morris Steel Services Ltd

Unit 84/Gibbons Ind Park, DY6 8XF

Tel: 01384401441
Fax: 01384400107
Independent Slitters Ltd

1 Park Street, B69 4LQ

Tel: 01215529628
Fax: 01215529631
Stockbroker Steels Ltd

148 Adderley Street, B9 4ED

Tel: 01217724081
Fax: 01217714378
Sheer Accuracy Ltd

Unit 10/Webnor Industrial Estate, WV2 2LD

Tel: 01902353080
Fax: 01902491606
Joseph Dixon Tool Co Ltd

Bott Lane, WS1 2JH

Tel: 01922622051
Fax: 01922721168
Strip Mill Steels Ltd

Unit 2 Church La Industrial Estate, B71 1AR

Tel: 01215255436
Fax: 01215005089
Prepack Services Ltd

24 Newtown Lane, B64 5EB

Tel: 01384411688
Fax: 01384413117
Powder Coatings Ltd

215 Tyburn Road, B24 8NB

Tel: 01212502145
Fax: 01212502154
DMG Profile

25 Oak Street, DY5 2JH

Tel: 01384561448
Fax: 01384561448
Parsons Bros

Griffiths Road, B71 2EL

Tel: 01215884871
Fax: 01215887513
Ontario Die International

Unit A Seven Stars Industrial Estate, CV3 4LH

Tel: 02476303091
Fax: 02476304737

45 Green Lane, B9 5BU

Tel: 01217736169
Fax: 01217736226
Wip Birmingham Ltd

14 Cornwall Rd Industrial Estate, B66 2JT

Tel: 01215558111
Fax: 01215558111
WK Dodd & Co

34 Monmore Road, WV1 2TZ

Tel: 01902404013
Fax: 01902498623
Strata Flame Cutting & Fabrications Ltd

101 York Road, B28 8LH

Tel: 01217785022
Fax: 01217778241
West Midlands Powder Coaters

41 Hainge Road, B69 2NY

Tel: 01215207766
Fax: 01215222986

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