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Manufacture of machine tools West Midlands. These companies have a preferred position in

Manufacture of machine tools West Midlands
Earlsdon Technology Ltd

U.K. Specializes in manufacture of special purpose machine tools. Includes machines for manufacturing engine valves, automated centreless grinding machines, and loading systems for CNC lathes.

These companies have a free position in Manufacture of machine tools West Midlands. West Midlands.



Tel: 01215448295
Graham Engineering Wolverhampton Ltd

Hickman Avenue, WV1 2BT

Tel: 01902456710
Fax: 01902456794
S Tomkins & Son Ltd

Portland Street, WS2 8AB

Tel: 01922624238
Fax: 01922722085
Wardport Engineering

58 Camp Hill Industrial Estate, B12 0HU

Tel: 01217738432
Fax: 01217738432
Parade Products Ltd

656 Chester Road, B23 5TE

Tel: 01213508031
Fax: 01213508031
Victoria Precision Birmingham Ltd

Manchester Street, B6 4HL

Tel: 01213593821
Fax: 01213596704
WB Tools Ltd

Unit 1, WS8 7HB

Tel: 01543372566
Fax: 01543453048
Whiton Tools Ltd

Parsonage Street, B69 4PH

Tel: 01215448575
Fax: 01215447684
Wire Eroding Services Ltd

842 Kingsbury Road, B24 9PS

Tel: 01213776383
Fax: 01213776694
Omicron Investment Dies Ltd

Unit 17 Wednesbury Trading Estate, WS10 7JN

Tel: 01215051423
Fax: 01215051423
Nimag Precision Engineering Co Ltd

Unit 4 Culwell Trading Estate, WV10 0PG

Tel: 01902870304
Fax: 01902453726
Pembroke Tool & Engineering Co Ltd

Victoria Road, B62 8HZ

Tel: 01215591920
Fax: 01215593424
Allied Maxcut Engineering Ltd

Building 93, DY6 7FR

Tel: 01384400900
Fax: 01384400105
Tay Tools Works

Spon Lane, B70 6AG

Tel: 01215532291
Fax: 01215530573
Trojanmead Ltd

61 Cherrywood Road, B9 4UD

Tel: 01217714083
Fax: 01217668250
Swift & White Engineering

Unit 12 Brookvale Trading Estate, B6 7AQ

Tel: 01213564300
Fax: 01213443190
SWG Tool Makers

143 Aston Brook Street, B6 4RU

Tel: 01213596873
Fax: 01213596857
Quickshift Ltd

Unit 8 Brunswick Road, B12 8NT

Tel: 01214404484
Fax: 01214404484
TBP Tools Ltd

106-108 Lombard Street, B12 0QR

Tel: 01216221762
Fax: 01216221174

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