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These companies have a free position in Companies from BR to 1S : British Steel Engineering Steels - 1st Self Access Storage Ltd : West Midlands. West Midlands.

British Steel Engineering Steels

Po Box 25, WV1 3DY

Tel: 01902351773
Fax: 01902351741
Amari Metals International

Upper Brook Street, WS2 9PD

Tel: 01922619300
Bearings Seager Ltd

52 Goldsmith Road, B14 7EL

Tel: 01214445391
Fax: 01214435229
Bearings Power Ltd

60 Church Road, B6 5TY

Tel: 01213275133
Fax: 01213277256
Cougar Products

Unit 4 Hurst Business Park, DY5 1UF

Tel: 01384481122
Fax: 01384481199
Femco Ltd

Studio 209/Sunbeam Studios, WV2 4PF

Tel: 01902426717
Fax: 01902427218
Bromford Iron & Steel Co Ltd

Bromford Lane, B70 7JJ

Tel: 01215536121
Fax: 01215250913
CBS Rotary Power Motion Ltd

Elliott Road, B29 6LR

Tel: 01214154448
Fax: 01214728884
Bull Tube Ltd

Unit 4 Reflex Industrial Park, WV13 1AH

Tel: 01902608881

8a Blackbrook Valley Industrial Estate, DY2 0XQ

Tel: 01384456783
Fax: 01384456795

Unit 177 Prince Road, B30 3HB

Tel: 01214595736
Fax: 01214595731

Unit 95 Brickyard Road, WS9 8SR

Tel: 01922745787
Fax: 01922745790

Unit 8 Napier Street, CV1 5PR

Tel: 02476228312

Unit 46 Gravelly Industrial Park, B24 8TJ

Tel: 01213267241
Fax: 01213288293
Corus Cold Drawn Tubes Ltd

Broadwell Works, B69 4DA

Tel: 01215414900
Fax: 01215445931
Corus Steel

Midland House/West Wing, B63 3HY

Tel: 01215850586
Fax: 01215850353
CDE Works Ltd

Unit 9/Bilton Industrial Estate, B38 9TS

Tel: 01214513437
Fax: 01214513437
Gabriel & Co Ltd

10 Hay Hall Road, B11 2AU

Tel: 01212483333
Fax: 01212483330
Phillips Products Dudley Ltd

Dawley Brook, DY6 7AS

Tel: 01384273592
Fax: 01384400036
1st Self Access Storage Ltd

Lawden Road, B10 0AD

Tel: 08009179051
Fax: 01217725918

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