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Hobart Road, DY4 9LQ

Tel: 01215577181
Fax: 01215577258
Tower Steel Ltd

Wellington House, WV14 9EE

Tel: 01902880926
Fax: 01902673338
Superior Sections Ltd

Unit 4/6/Block C/Old Pk Industrial Estate, WS10 9LR

Tel: 01215569399
Fax: 01215568956
Stourbridge Metal Co Ltd

Platts Road, DY8 4YR

Tel: 01384396677
Fax: 01384372362
Summerhill Steels Ltd

Chiltern House, DY5 3UP

Tel: 01384482048
Fax: 01384482022
Structural & Mechanical Supplies Ltd

Hatton Street, WV14 0TD

Tel: 01902494499
Fax: 01902402571
Strip Mill Steels Ltd

Unit 2 Church La Industrial Estate, B71 1AR

Tel: 01215255436
Fax: 01215005089
Trojan Steels

14-15 Windmill Street, WS1 3EE

Tel: 01922615246
Fax: 01922615247
United Slitting Services Ltd

Mill Lane, B63 3JP

Tel: 01215500222
Unitech Industries Ltd

Coppice Side Industrial Estate, WS8 7HB

Tel: 01543363400
Fax: 01543363402
UK Steel & Non-Ferrous Stockholding

Gupta Trading Estate, B69 3AP

Tel: 01215529488
Fax: 01215523788
Ultrapipe Ltd

93 Tettenhall Road, WV3 9PE

Tel: 01902712520
Fax: 01902712410
UK Steel Stockholders

6 Overend Road, B64 7DD

Tel: 01384565822
Fax: 01384633586
CFJ Steel Services Ltd

Wellington House, WV14 9EE

Tel: 01902672222
Fax: 01902672227
Titanium International

Keays House, B33 0SP

Tel: 01217898088
Fax: 01217898027
Taylor Steel Midlands Ltd

Autobase Industrial Estate, B69 3HU

Tel: 01216015081
Fax: 01216015069
Taylor Special Steels Ltd

Pearsall Drive, B69 2RA

Tel: 01215522741
Fax: 01215111240
Warley Metals

138 Oldbury Road, B66 1JE

Tel: 01215582808
Valbruna UK Ltd

Oldbury Road, B70 9BT

Tel: 01215535384
Fax: 01215005095
Nordicane Ltd

Unit 12/Wartell Bank Industrial Estate, DY6 7QQ

Tel: 01384400840
Fax: 01384273216
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