List of companies

Radford Road Fish Saloon133 Radford Road, CV6 3BQ, Coventry
Brixham Fish Bar1 Brixham Drive, CV2 3LA, Coventry
Beechtree39 Beech Tree Avenue, CV4 9FE, Coventry
Fish & Chip Salon487 Holyhead Road, CV5 8HU, Coventry
Gabriel's17 Earlsdon Street, CV5 6EP, Coventry
Harry Haddock74 Barkers Butts Lane, CV6 1DY, Coventry
Empress Fish Bar71-73a Binley Road, CV3 1HU, Coventry
Holyhead Fish Salon-Chick King320 Holyhead Road, CV5 8LH, Coventry
Golden Fish Fryers Ltd356 Foleshill Road, CV6 5AN, Coventry
The Spires Supper Bar5-7 Queen Isabels Avenue, CV3 5GE, Coventry
The Butts Fish & Chip Shop27 Butts, CV1 3GJ, Coventry
Seagull Fish Bar2 Hall Green Road, CV6 7BW, Coventry
Seagull Fish Bar306 Holbrook Lane, CV6 4DH, Coventry
The Friendly Plaice2 Keresley Green Road, CV6 2FG, Coventry
Tonys Fish & Chip Shop14 Lower Ford Street, CV1 5QJ, Coventry
Venus Fish Bar345 Holbrook Lane, CV6 4DG, Coventry
Three J's267 Bedworth Road, CV6 6BL, Coventry
Village Green Fish Bar25 Main Street, CV8 3HH, Coventry
Village Fish Bar57A Bennetts Road, CV7 8HY, Coventry

Fax: 02476332114
Ocean Fish Bar685 Stoney Stanton Road, CV6 5FY, Coventry
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